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hello if your online, all the people are stuck in spawn -_-
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Hello, sorry for not responding sooner but the issue has been fixed.
La-da-di-dup-dup die dy
On the stereo
Let those speakers blow your mind
(Blow my mind, baby)
To let it go, let it go
Here we go
La-da-di-dup-dup die dy (c'mon, we're there)
On the radio
The system is gonna feel so fine

Only 2000s kids will know this
But I'm from 2003
Do not stand at my grave and weep
※I am not there; I do not sleep. ※

※I am a thousand winds that blow, ※
I am the diamond glints on snow
By Mary Elizabeth Frye
Hello everybody!

I joined to help out with the server!
Make sure you listen to all the rules.
I hope I can help out with the server!
Since I’m a beginner I need some tips of what I have to do. I hope you can help! Bye.
We are all happy you are here, you're just asked to follow the rules of the server and the rules in discord at and the rules in-game are in the pause menu, settings, and you're name will be on the right click it and scroll down you will find the rules. As i said were happy you're here hope you enjou you're stay. ☺
hey nether games team Im really exesided hopfuly being a work will you guys like ill build new maps and lobbys thats cool right cant stand still XD -micah
yasss i rly hope you become a good work for nethergames!!!!! i so exesided to see your art!!!
micah carr
micah carr
:( I did Get It srry maybe Next month Maybe. :(
I hope
hey nether games team im so trilled about apply for the builder rank for helping build lobbys and new maps cant wait -micah