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So, finals start Monday, giving me less time to play, so I'm going to be playing a lot less, from Monday to Thursday, as for Today im going to start studying for finals.
I just passed my bio EOC (don’t ask what that stands for. Idk)! I got a pretty good passing score as well as some extra credit! Hope I can keep up my grades!
@everyone if I was the owner of this server I would be proud. Having my own server with players ,But here comes the one game Ruiner HACKERS,a good saying "NoHacksJustSkills" keep being you and always report HACKERS ✌.
I'm gonna take a break from Minecraft I feel like I play too much and it might get me a bit more distracted if I want to pass my grade.
But I will be on when I'm free or bored.
Hope all of you can understand my problem and a farewell
WHAT? I have silver rank.and 785 creidt!! But now I have 1 creidt. What?!,!!!!!! All player lose bronze, sliver,!!!!,!,!
133 level have not rank. 142 have not Rank!, ALL PLAYER HAVE NOT RANK,!,
Hello Crocked.We Are Reset The Credit To 0.Your Tier Are Reset.

Look And read the thread