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Hey there! PLease Subscribe to my channel, it will help me out so much! My Youtube Channel: KTSPRO 81
My Youtube Channel: KTSPRO 81
Idk why everyone is doing this but:

Rank: none
GOLD (credits: 17106)
K/DR: 3.85
IGN: thewitherbos
YT: brexit instigator
“You’ll all be shot.”
Like dogs in a trap
Our terror was
About to burst

I can see a fire
Flames in the darkness
Huge flames
A furnace
Flames gushing out
The thing that I don't like about minecraft is when the friends we made along the way
decides to quit minecraft and then you have to play minecraft alone remembering your friends thinking one day they will comeback but they will not.
I miss my friends who hadn't join the server in months

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