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Oh, gather 'round me, comrades; and
listen while I speak
Of a war, a war, a war where hell is
six feet deep.
Along the shore, the cannons roar. Oh
how can a soldier sleep?
The going's slow on Anzio. And hell is
six feet deep.

Praise be to God for this captured sod that
rich with blood does seep.
With yours and mine, like butchered
swine's; and hell is six feet deep.
That death awaits there's no debate;
no triumph wi
ll we reap.
The crosses grow on Anzio, where hell is
six feet deep.

. . . Audie Murphy, 1948
How s going OwO
Hi carlotta it's me DamagedPan ur friend my new acc is Sleepysaurus715 pls add friend me again
Well, xP the thing is that my friend list is almost full, so I m not sure if I can add someone else or nah xP
Aloha! I’m Violin4life67, but you already know that. I’m 13 years old and I play Minecraft on YouTube, so go check out my channel at

I am also the leader of N00bSquadron, a top 15 guild, so if you’d like to join DM me at MetalFrogg#1512 on discord.

Have a great day!

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