YouTube Rank Update

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Hello everyone,

We have made slight changes to YouTube ranks and the applications process. This update affects existing rank holders as well as new applicants.

The YT rank (dark aqua colour) made available last year to all users with over 500 subscribers has unfortunately been discontinued. If you successfully applied for the rank in the past, it has been removed from your account today both in-game and on Discord.

Any players with an existing YouTube rank (red colour) who do not have an email address associated with their in-game account, or have not joined in the past 2 years and as such have no XUID on record, have had their ranks revoked.

New applicants will be required to provide their email address as contact information regarding their application. They will receive an email notifying them whether their application was successful or unsuccessful, as opposed to in the past where applicants were not contacted. The email address will also be used for contact if their rank has been revoked due to not meeting requirements or concerns relating to inappropriate content.

You can review the requirements for applying for the YouTube rank here.

Not open for further replies.

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