YouTube Rank Applications + Partner Update

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Hello everyone,

We have redeveloped our YouTube rank applications system in the new account portal. If eligible (5000+ subscribers), you may now apply via the account portal -
Video demonstration produced by @Casper available at
As always, all applications will be subject to manual review and your channel content will be checked before a decision is made.

Updates to the partner program have also been made. The partner program will be expanded to include accounts and channels from all platforms (previously restricted to YouTube only) and there are no specific requirements in terms of followers/subscribers/views to be eligible to apply.

You can learn more about the partner program, perks offered to partners as well as the application process at



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hypixel... gets 100k minimum concurrent at any moments.... has 30k subs as requirements.
nethergames has 2k concurrent.... has 5k subs and requirements.
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