Who wants to join VEXIDE?


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So, I wanted to ask if anyone wanted to join VEXIDE guild; There is no required requirement but this things will help you get accepted

1: The higher the tier you have, the bigger the chances of inviting you are higher, (BRONZE: 20%, SILVER: 50%, GOLD: 80%, RUBY OR HIGHER: 100%)
2: If you're a builder, msg me here the cords of your best build on the server, If your good at building you´ll probably get in!
3: If your a pvper, have a decent KDR (1.2+ Recommended)
4: Play a lot of time and dispose it to build the HQ, or grind XP levels
5: If you play around my play time (1-2 ,5-6:30, 10-12 PM UTC-3), you have higher chances to join!
6: Having a discord / forums account
7: Have no spaces in your name

If you want to join send a message here or /tell BeadyFeather586




Why would I wanna join you’re guild when this server has absolutely no future


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Hello Fork! I´ll msg you in game in the next 24hs. Thank you!