What is the best setup for items to put in your hotbars in bedwars?

a 1ron Golem

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I'm a PC player however my setup is normally
1. sword
2. blocks
3. gapple
4. bow
5. fireball
6. pickaxe
8. axe or diamonds/emeralds (to keep a tally)
9. ender pearl
wait u use a bow?? couldn't be me



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My Setup is :-
1. Sword 2. Shears 3.Wooden Pickaxe 3.Wooden Axe 4. Wool 5. Wool 6.Gapple 7. Bow (Arrows in Left Hand)
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I have hotkeys for every hotbar slot except 5. Imma drop my hotbar setup here below:
1. Sword
2. Blocks
3. Blocks
4. Ender Pearl/Blocks
5. Explosives
6. Tools
7. Potions
8. Others
9. Others