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Hello and welcome to our brand new NetherGames forums. The old forums have been archived and moved to nethergamesmcpe.enjin.com. Here we will explain to you why we've moved. We moved to a new forum software because this software has new possibilities and features we can add for everyone. In case you have any questions you can contact our support ([email protected]) or visit forums.nethergames.org/support but before you do that, please read the Q&A incase that answers your question!

We hope you enjoy the new forums.
- Sincerely, NetherGames Team.

Will my posts from the old forums stay?
Unfortunately no, your old forum posts will not stay. This means we will be having a fresh start.

Do I login with my old account?
No, you will have to create a brand new account!

There's an issue with the forums!
Don't worry we will get onto it right away! You can report it by creating a ticket here.

I had a ticket that is still active on the old forums, what will happen to it?
We will still reply to your ticket and deal with the matter if it is still active.

I want to apply for staff and I have 100 posts on the old forums, but not here.
Sorry, new forums means a fresh start so you will have to earn those 100 posts back!

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