Want emraled rank

Hi i'm a Nethergames player I want emraled or legend rank i can't afford those please Nethergames please gamer tag:TheUtkarsh8939



Once you get ultra by becoming the top voter, next month if you also became the top voter, your rank will be upgraded to emerald! (Correct me if im wrong i'm not sure)
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Hello I have alwayes wanted the emerald or legend rank cause firstly i alwayes wanted to fly in lobbies with my friends second i want kit in sb cause i dont want go to ppl going around for better kits third i wanted to fly in fac pvp and use /heal and /feed and i want to change teams in bw


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Hello ProperScroll257!
Currently, We do not have a rank gifting system in place so that is not possible. Although we are limited there is a way to obtain "Free Ranks." You can do this by voting Here every day for a month, at the end of a month one user will be selected to win a free rank upgrade (on top of any current rank they may have)

If you have any more questions you can contact me directly either through Email ([email protected]) or Discord (Finfifofum#8036)

Hope this helped!