Update log: 19/04 - 27/04

Hello NetherGames community!

I'm sorry that there haven't been any update blogs for quite some time, but I've been busy preparing my exams.

Nevertheless, in the last week we have quite some news that we want to bring to you!

  • Republished the creative game. Currently undergoing maintenance for small updates
  • Implemented the /trade command in skyblock
  • Invalid skins are now changed to Steve skins and you are notified that your skin is invalid
  • Bedwars: Fixed a bug where you would get the wooden sword while still having a sword in your inventory
  • Skyblock: Fixed a bug where players were able to place paintings in the pop arena and spawn
  • General: Fixed a bug where a "to NetherGames" subtitle would show in the countdown
  • General: Fixed multiple issues that harmed the placement of blocks
  • General: Fixed a bug that caused some blocks to "re-appear" after being destroyed
  • Skyblock: Fixed a bug where hoppers would not hop items from double-chests
  • Skyblock: Fixed a dupe with the trading system that could be applied by mobile users
  • Private games: All players are now able to choose their team in private games, no matter what rank they have.
That's all for this week!

We hope this has helped making NetherGames a better place and are really thankful for your support.
We wish everyone a great new week,

NetherGame Staff




fireball jumping alrdy works right? i did it in a bw game and its totally fine
Wait what? How long ago? Does tnt jumping work? Did u have to jump and then throw the fb to fb jump?

THe thing is, I have a lot of evidence that the block lag still happens, or maybe its just a mobile glitch idk but there’s still a lot of block lag for me, sometimes I have to try many times before successfully breaking the bed, etc. but idk maybe its just my problem.