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dude ok whatever maybe i was wrong but stop spamming my notification box. I just want to get unbanned cause I was banned falsely and now every single one of you members and mods are bullying me and i just want peace and to be back on nethergames. Please stop, all of you for flaps sake.
Nobody is bullying you? If you accuse our team of something bad which was proven to be false, then obviously you’re going to get responses right?

If you have inquiries regarding your punishment, we’d be happy to help at https://ngmc.co/lc.



Server trash I got muted and they won't unmute me


rhesu SAVAGE

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I don’t think that’s what happened lol
it prob did.... this server broken and ur admins, I grinded on SkyBlock and had thousands of g sets and then everyones chests and e chest got completely wiped.. and then after that you guys close sb without saying why anything or y our stuff disappeared so I move to factions and I get banned for "Hacking" while mining stone..

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