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Jul 1, 2017
Welcome, before you apply for Trainee please read this page.

Trainee is a volunteer position at NetherGames. Your job is to report hackers and moderate the NetherGames chat. You also help players on forums, Discord and in-game.
Once you have submitted an application please allow 96 hours for a staff member to reply.

Trainee Requirements

- 13 years old or older (no exceptions!)
- Not staff on any other servers
- A Google account
- Registered on our public Discord server (
- If accepted, a parent/guardian to sign a document allowing you to volunteer at NetherGames

Application Tips

- Don't beg. Begging will only decrease your chances of your application being accepted
- Elaborate more than needed. This shows us that you have put a reasonable amount, if not more work into your application and shows us you could make a good staff member.
- Don't lie. Severe punishments will be given if you are caught. The lies will also catch up to you in the long run as you do your job, or even after!
- If you've applied before, take notice of the notes the application reviewer has given you. There may be valuable tips you can incorporate into your next application.
- Don't ask when your application will be considered. This shows us you are desperate and rushed. We may even deny your application even if it's high quality if you do so!

Due to upgrades to the XenForo forum software, the way to apply for staff positions has changed.
When you click the logo below to start your application, you will no longer be greeted with the old template - instead you must enter all the details required into the input boxes below the thread content/message input box.
Fields required will be marked with the required tag - if you do not fill them in, you will not be able to submit your application.
The thread content/message input box may now be used to add extra information to your application of your choice - this is optional however.

WARNING: Do not continue to apply without reaching the requirements.

Click on the NetherGames logo to apply.


Not open for further replies.