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Jul 1, 2017
Hello all!

In response to recent issues with some of our newly hired trainees abusing permissions and banning innocent players, the Executive Team has launched an investigation and a review into the permissions of trainees and their role in the NetherGames Network.

The following changes will be made to the trainee program, effective now:
- A new staff rank created - Crew - to be established between the Trainee and Staff ranks
- Trainees will be required to participate in the trainee program for 2 weeks
- Trainees will mainly manage player support, with no permissions to punish players
- Trainees will have direct communication with staff members, Crew and up, to report players caught breaking network rules
- If trainees show potential within the two weeks of the program, they will be promoted to Crew and have power to punish players directly
- Trainees who do not show potential or are not active enough can be fired at the discretion of the Executive Team
- Crew members who abuse permissions will be dismissed without prior notice and all players who were previously banned by the latter will be unbanned as protocol

Trainees accepted after the 17th of February 2018 will go through the new trainee program as outlined above. Regardless of the new program, all new staff members (except for staff members transferring from other servers which have merged into the network) will be required to sign the volunteer agreement form.

For those players who are still concerned about the staff member involved in the earlier incident, the Trainee has since been dismissed and will not be returning to the NetherGames staff team in the future.

We hope the new program will decrease the number of players being unfairly punished by new trainees and staff members.
Please remember that if you are punished and you wish to appeal, you may appeal your ban at or your mute at

Kind regards,
NetherGames Network - Executive Team

E: [email protected]

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