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There has been a lot of arguments on youtube starting with a Nethergames player known as "Mobilegamer" or on youtube iM0b!Le. I personally don't like joining in on arguments, but I want to try to resolve it. I am not trying to send hate to anyone, I am just trying to state the facts.

iM0b!Le has made one video about another well known youtuber known as "Eviler Montages." Eviler is in the "German Bedwars stereotypes," aka, mouse go brr. iM0b!Le made some accusations towards Eviler saying he is autoclicking while Tellybridging. As "Bedless Noob" (back with the German Bedwars Stereotypes YEAH) stated, Tellybridging is actually harder while autoclicking because you can place mistaken blocks that mess it up. iM0b!Le also stated that he was autoclicking by showing eviler place "all the blocks in one frame." This could be the correct option, but we also know iM0b!Le also got a "Professional Tellybridger" to help support himself. Although they look extremely similar. iM0b!Le also DMed another "Professional Tellybridger" and the "Professional Tellybridger" stated, "Mans an auto." First of all, you cannot just use that as proof, when you cannot prove the proof, if you know what I mean. How do we not know you just DMed one of your friends? This whole situation is just really messy, and tbh, its really angering me

Please iM0b!Le, can you just stop making assumptions without supporting it?
Proof he doesn't AC right here: dasdas


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