Tiers reset & update


Staff member

Jul 1, 2017
Hello everyone,

6 months ago, our tiers system was released. Upon releasing tiers, we warned that tiers would be reset at the end of the tier period (6 months). That time has now come!

All players have now been reset back to 0 credits. Due to an error with the tier reset processing system, lifetime tiers have not been set for those who have obtained them last season. More information about this matter is available in the #tiers-announcement channel on our Discord server and can be viewed by all players who previously claimed their tier rank on Discord.

Along with the reset, we have also made some changes as to how the tier system works. Credits are now issued to players at a flat rate per hour, with everyone receiving 5 credits every hour provided that they play 8 games within that hour (you must participate in a match). To clarify, playing on the Creative server does not count and you will not receive credits for building on your plot.

As such, we have updated the amount of credits required for each tier as follows:
Bronze - 200
Silver - 400
Gold - 800
Ruby - 1200
Diamond - 1800
Sapphire - 2600
Platinum - 3600

There have also been some minor updates to tier perks, including the ability to fly removed from some tiers.
Voting now only gives players 1 credit per vote.

As of writing, there is currently a bug which only issues players 1 credit/hour or for voting. This issue is currently being rectified. We thank you for your patience.

Thanks for playing NetherGames!