**THIS** will become a **MOUNTAIN**

Yes I am using youtuber clickbait tactics.

But serious I’m going to be making this foot pixelart into a full on mountain with a little town. I know it’s gonna be hard and a pretty long term build, but when building applications reopen I will enter it in, in it’s full beauty.

2A08CF99-3A33-4AC1-888A-ACC651AB5C7D.jpeg Pallet for the mountain/mountain so far

Message from the foot future mountain thing: Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful!!!

Please give advice on what my pallet should be for the town itself, this mountain will have snowcap(s). I’m free styling it, I just want a pallet plan before.

The pallet for the town I was thinking of:
Red concrete (for a flag)
Spruce wood (everything logs/planks)
Dark oak fences
Cobblestone (stairs, slabs, blocks, and a few walls here and there)

I was also thinking of having a little trail to another town on top of the mountain since it’s unnecessarily big. That town would have a completely different pallet considering the different resources that would be provided that will be given.

I accept criticism, if you think anything can be better in my “plan” let me know in the comments or on my profile.

Thank you all for your help!

Comment critiques and suggestions, please avoid going off topic as well as empty criticism like “it sucks! Redo it all!” I know it’s ugly right now but give be a way to improve it like “I like the idea overall, but maybe change up your pallet for the town to......” give suggestions with your critiques and I will probably accept them into my build our build.