The secret of winning bedwars

Look, I know this sounds like a goofy cartoon... but the secret of Bedwars is teamwork. Here is a simple and indirect way to win Bedwars:

  1. When you spawn into the waiting lobby start messaging the rest of your team with encouraging sentences and questions like, "What's the plan people?" If the rest of your team message back great! If not... well don't give up.
  2. When the game starts ask around if anyone want extra gold or iron.
  3. Now comes the tricky part: you need to somehow coordinate what your doing to everything everyone else in your team is doing, E.G. Team-mate 1 goes of to the left diamond generator. So don't just follow him-- go to the next one!
  4. When your trying to assault another team's base plan first so that you all get there first. Otherwise you'll all get there at different times and the opponents will have a ready made "divide and conquer" trick.
  5. Last but not least: Don't be toxic. It might be funny to you but it really hurts other people.
Well that's all I have to say. If anyone has any comments please feel free to be as honest as you want (I won't be offended), Cheers!!!

and remember to protect your :mc_355-14:


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Best method,unless youre In a private solos game so you don’t have to worry a thing about teaming unless its not allowed by the owner of the private game :)


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Easy! You get banned for teaming (because you didn't have the mental capacity to read the rules and broke them), then you have a whole day to go outside and find a friend, who you can play doubles with when you're unbanned ;)
This is the funniest thing because he was joking