The new and updated beautiful bedwars guide, guaranteed for 100% winrate [REAL] [NOT CLICKBAIT] [3AM] [EXPOSED] [COPS CALLED] [WORKING AUGUST 2022]

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You may know that I have posted other guides on how to win bedwars before on these forums. Well, here I am again, posting yet another guide to keep up with the developers as they keep banning my strategies. Smh those guys really don’t know how to have fun. Anyways, without further ado, let us get into our fully working new bedwars guide!

So what you want to do when you spawn is get 4 iron, then buy 16 wool. Now box yourself in with the wool, as no one will notice you are in there. Make sure you stay uncrouched to further aid stealth. Now someone will bridge over. When they bridge over, you activate your killaura and your 83754 cps autoclicker. Oh no, you ran into a developer. I did tell you to get the hacks from somewhere other than Now, you will whine on Twitter, and you get unbanned. Perfect. You will now break a piece of wool and hide at the bottom of the map. You fall into the void because the void is cheating, we all know that. The developers are so biased honestly. They will ban you for nothing, but the void never gets banned. Smh stupid simps should get out of their dream where they date the void and ban it for all the trouble it causes. You will throw exactly 3 fireballs at an 87.0347° angle into the void, and defeat it. You then get shot with a bow. Stupid kids. Now, here is the winning move. Go to TikTok, and make a video about NetherGames being biased. Go on to YouTube and spam this video link on every video ever made, twice. Now, gather up an army of 15 year old girls who have no clue about what the server is to attack it and make videos. NetherGames will have no choice but to let you win.

And there you have it, that sweet victory is yours. This is how all the pros do it, like @Chr7st and @ben25536 miller. Their videos look like they have skill, but we all know it is photoshopped. They really use this strategy, and they should be thanking me for lending them such a great strategy. Now, do not share this with any of the staff team, or else they will shut it down.

However, there is a price to pay for these amazing tips. Luckily I am feeling generous right now, so I will give you a -100% discount on it.
Its price is now £87,536,922,274,374,262,714,282,573,814, previously about £43 octillion. This is payable to me by Randomperson’s Special Payment Method. This app robs you of all your money and makes you live on the streets of London at night. It also doubles the cost, however it is the only method so deal with it.


I saw a guy using the first part of the strategy (get 4 iron through activate 83754 cps autoclicker). Do they get a discount for only using half the strategy lol?

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For everyone haven't seen this thread, this is actually clickbait topic as it's supposed to be. For anyone have already reviewed this thread, well bad luck for you to spend your time to read this. I'll close this thread for now for maintain friendly and helpful topic.
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