Team-based minigames' matchmaking

I've been playing NetherGames for a decent while now, in fact, I just got to level 100 yesterday. But on my way there, I have seen some unhealthy patterns in the matchmaking, two of them in particular that made the climb harder than it seems. Tobias had just posted an update about his new goals of improving the matchmaking/queue system, however(no disrespects), he hasn't said a lot on the precise side of things and I would like to have some words about what specifically is imperfect for matchmaking.

The First Issue
I am not quite sure what to name this issue since it is really hard to put it into a short name, but let me give you a scenario:

NeulingGames has joined the game (1/16)!
JohnsonLPF has joined the game (2/16)!
xmQchii has joined the game (3/16)!
ItsRubyKunz has joined the game (4/16)!
SomeDumbNub has joined the game (5/16)!
ToxicccccPersen has joined the game (6/16)!
HACKERZGAMINGLOLYT has joined the game (7/16)!
Autoclixgudhahalmao has joined the game (8/16)!
Filler1 has joined the game (5/16)!
Filler2 has joined the game (6/16)!
Filler3 has joined the game (7/16)!
Filler4 has joined the game (8/16)!
Games starts in 2 seconds!

JohnsonLPF has left the game!
xmQchii has left the game!
ItsRubyKunz has left the game!
Game starts in 1 second!

NeulingGames: bruh wth
Red Bed was incinerated by HACKERZGAMINGLOLYT!
NeulingGames was tragically backstabbed by Autoclixgudhahalmao FINAL KILL!
ToxicccccPersen: ha you suck lol
SomeDumbNub: yeeee hahahah get trolled

Of course I would have destroyed all of them at once if this happened realistically, but a) it still sucks to have no teammate and the gen doesn't give you 4x the resources and b) not everyone can win a 1v4 unless you are super sweaty.

So what was the issue? As we all know , players who joined the queue would all join teams in this order:

Red Red Red Red
Blue Blue Blue Blue
Green Green Green Green
Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow

Although this is the order for most minigames or just video games in general, this isn't particularly since there is no penalty for leaving queue, so people could and would leave queue and leave the rest of their teammate with one player down(or in extreme cases, three). I have played over 450+ games of bedwars squads, and I would only occasionally get to be on the Green and the Yellow side. The basis of bedwars squads is to play 4v4v4v4, and not 4v4 or 1v12.

Red Blue Green Yellow
Red Blue Green Yellow
Red Blue Green Yellow
Red Blue Green Yellow

By making the queuing system queue in this order however, it could prevent some crucial in-game differences such as only having to deal with one team's siderush (red and green would gain advantage if there are no yellow team), getting overwhelmed by multiple people at once, and make sure that all the bases will have an opportunity to be captured as an objective.
The game should also start after at least 12 people had joined the game with at least 3 people on each team. I couldn't stress enough when I was the last one to join the game with only 13 people, and I end up having to solo the entire game as yellow. Having people more spread out is a better idea to keep the players in place so that every team can have the same potential of winning.


Everybody knows that it's a good thing when someone disconnects on the enemy team. But it is simply no longer fun and games if your teammate suddenly disconnects. My idea is to give the players a punishment for leaving games: Locked from queuing for a certain period of time.

Whenever someone disconnected while they are still in queue, it is completely fine if they disconnect, with a couple exceptions: You are not allowed to disconnect if the game starts counting down the timer, anywhere from 15th to the last second. If violated, the player will be locked out from that minigame (from any minigames, not just bws) for 3 minutes. This means that if you leave while the game is starting within 15 seconds, you are locked out of playing bedwars, not just for the gamemode that you left but for the entire genre of games in bedwars.

If someone disconnects in-game, they will be locked out of queue for at least 10 minutes. Some special additions could be given if the player had:
Died within 20 seconds (+5 min)
Bed broken within 30 seconds (+5 min)
Teammate died within 10 seconds (+3 min)
Damaged within 8 seconds (+3 min)
Typed an toxic message (+5 min)
Idling for more than 45 seconds before disconnection (+3 min)

If the player had no behaviors of disconnection in the next 2 matches, the punishment is lifted.
If the player had disconnected within the next 2 matches, the timer will stack 10 more minutes on top of whatever this player is charged with.
If the player had stacked for more than 60 minutes of queue-lock time, this could be classified as trolling and NG could ban them for it.
However, if this player manages to reconnect within 75 seconds, queue-lock will not stack for this player.

The goal for this is to encourage players to keep on playing the game and not disconnect when they are in a bad position. Disconnecting when you're down in resources, objectives, or control is not the sort of attitude that a gamer should have as it makes it unfun for everyone else.

But, if one of your teammates disconnects, you will get 5 credits and 5 XP as an participation prize at the end of the game. This does NOT mean that you can use an alt account to duo bw with you, make your alt leave, and 1v14 everyone else. If this pattern is detected, both accounts will be banned.

What do you think of these changes? Are they too overwhelming and would impact NG negatively? Are they too underwhelming for it to even make a difference? Or are they a good solution to improve the current matchmaking system? Let me know what you think, and I will be sweating at NetherGames for now.

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That’s great and all, but you forgot parties exist.


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I can see your point and I think that the idea can/should be implemented in some cases. As @awskr has already said, parties do exist and therefore we could make it so you don't get the additional credits and XP if a party member leaves (this eliminated the alt grinding issue). Some players also have a bad network connection and might disconnect because of it, A way around this might be if a player has over 300ms for their ping they do not get penalised as severely/not at all. My only other point is that the punishments might seem a bit harsh but that could be fixed with some fine-tuning if this was to be released to the server.



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Yes good idea ng should actually fix the queue system in their games
From when I last played solo matches could literally be 1v1s