Skywars update suggestion

Skywars update suggestion

- Make it so that if you get all the kills in a skywars game you get 2 coins from killing everyone in the game.

- Increase the chance of getting chestplates and leggings in middle chests because most of the time you only get helmet and boots.

-Make enderpearls faster so you can clutch easier.

-Make redstone work so the engineer kit is usefull.

-Make tnt do less damage.

-Make it so you cant get the kit selecter when the game starts(Bug Fix)
(How to do it: open your inventory, and click the kit selecter(nether star) and dont put it in any slot, when the game starts it will still be selected and you can put it in a slot in your inventory)

-if someone dies to a tnt placed by a player make the player get kill credit for the kill.

-If no one votes for insane or normal mode in the waiting lobby make it randomize between normal and insane instead of choosing normal mode.

-If you have a win streak you get coins:(+ the 2 coins you get from wining)
Example: 2 win streak= 1 coin
4 win streak= 2 coins
6 win streak= 3 coins
8 win streak= 4 coins
10+ win streak= 5 coins

-Make the Armorsmith kit have experience bottles(I dont know if it already has)