Skyblock Toxicity And Language


So I am Goin on Skyblock afking as usual, selling some stuff, grinding crates, voting, etc etc etc. So anyway, I see this dude called "VaultedKnu" or something like that. He starts spamming Questionable Stuff in the chat. At one point he said: "Im hungy" and then: "Deez" and then "nuts" I am Sorry That I did not Get a Screenshot I was laughing so hard [sic] sorry. But that's no the point. The point is he could say "Deez' and "c*mmmm" without it saying: " profanity is not allowed. And, he did not type the *, he did a "U". He typed "I made my Brother C*mmmm" and he also asked if we wanted a link. So uh yeah Ban the words C*m and "deez" plz.