Should I start a YT Channel?

Go do your thing. It's just that the YouTube algorithm will swallow you deep down their throats to never be seen again.

So yeah. Sure, why not?
I don’t think my parents would like it too much, I mainly mean like videos I wanna share. Still takes a lotta time like Vimeo (what I currently use).

Feb 10, 2019
If you want. YouTube is really fun so I'd recommend it. I have a channel, Bones Plays, so please subscribe! It is the first channel when you search.

I don’t actually mean a channel-channel I mean like if I wanna upload something to the forums, or discord I would be able to upload it to YT, which I heard takes a lot of time, or I could continue using my free google plan with Vimeo (also takes a lot of time and there’s condensed space). I obviously don’t want any subs, but I just want somewhere I could post videos like I said in the thread itself easily.