September 2020 - Executive Team Statement

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Statement from the Executive Team
4th September 2020

On Wednesday September 2nd, the YouTube channel PocketGaming uploaded a video to their channel regarding the supposed loss of YouTube channel rank. The video was riddled with factual errors and inconsistencies and it is important that we present the facts to set the record straight.

First of all, it is crucial to note that this YouTuber at no point made an application for their YT rank, nor did they make any attempts to get in touch with our team. It was manually issued at the request of a NetherGames developer as a courtesy, subject to the requirements of the rank granted.

Should a player wish to have their YouTube channel rank (YT or YouTube, in this case the former) transferred to a different username, they are required to contact us via our live chat support platform - as have many YouTubers done in the past. The YouTuber in question did not contact us prior to the video being produced.

After the video was brought to our attention, we made attempts through multiple channels and platforms to get in touch with this YouTuber, letting them know of the free rank transfer process. This individual did not make contact, instead choosing to ignore our correspondence and posting factually incorrect claims on their Twitter account.

The stream today by the same YouTuber addressing this issue is highly disappointing and quite frankly unacceptable. The unauthorised impersonation of an Executive Team member, as well as our official YouTube channel account, in order to create a false reality is appalling, disgusting and must cease immediately.

We value our relationships with YouTubers greatly and it is sickening to see that certain individuals are now at a stage where they are creating fake claims and spreading these false allegations in an attempt to fuel their own manipulation agenda. Being issued a YouTube channel rank is a privilege and we will not tolerate players who seek to break that trust.

When this person has had a chance to reflect on their distasteful conduct and would like to have a civilised conversation, they are encouraged to contact us again. We wish to point out the importance of fact checking and scrutinizing arguments in this ever-changing digital world.

A file below has been attached containing this announcement.



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