Review of my life at ng

So, I wanna review my life in ng community. I saw some brilliant staff and friend players, as well as bad players. I mean, HUGE thanks to
Cooltellow, Minixxhuvipxx, neskine, lazmangaming, conceptism, bolt2049, rishikthepro, purple viperpie, GNS Eddie, CarlottaCGG, and tons more, to be friendly to me, and Humongous, titanic thanks especially to cooltellow, CarlottaCGG, for helping me to grow in ng community, and thanks to chr7st, cloudysheets, and cherexxy to influence me to play nethergames, and more thanks to largeknome, who replied me quickly with the forum question. And thanks to CarlottaCGG again, for being best staff for me in ng community. And in discord, thanks to gb80fan, for being extremely kind to me.


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Yes, everyone outside seems to think that this community is toxic but that is a huge lie. Literally, everyone here is nice apart from a few.


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