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I have been playing Ng for now about have a year, and Ng has improved a lot!! I loved all of those Ng maps, and also bedwars!! I am a fan of GB80, and other youtube gamers, and I was so unhappy at first, because I cannot play on Java. And I thought that I found the best Windows 10 server, I guess. However, as you know, manythings changed. There are things that I think that Ng should really change it.
1. New Maps. I think that you all agree to this one. We are mostly players who are only owning pocket edition, not java. We are here to play hypixel maps, hypixel games, and you all know that. Honestly, I don't get why you cannot use these maps before. In order to make us understand the situation, then the staff team should tell us about why these hypixel maps are gone, since because of problems with hypixel, or any other reasons, give us a reason. I am honestly not only disappointed with only bedwars maps. It is skywars maps. Skywars maps are so limited. I want other great maps of skywars too. (Not blaming builders. You did a hard work)

2. Hackers. I have not seen hackers in the past few months, however, there are a lot more hackers. There is a question to all of those staff team looking at this, and especially who develops anti cheat, bots. I would politely apologize if this hurts your mind, or really this makes you sad for all your hard work. However, look, there are several people who got kicked for flying although they were swimming. There are several people like me who got kicked for inappropriate mod or something, because we clicked our mouse so fast, although I did not. What about real hackers? I played bedwars about a minute ago, and I saw a fly hacker, a hacker who hits me threw walls, and scaffold, etc. However, how can the staff/bot only false kick/ban, but not ban "Real" hackers? A player said that they reported, and the staff did not even ban them. They were flying, and other recommended servers ban them easily, often saying that the admin banned them right away after they hacks. There are nearly no hackers these days, on those servers, and many, on Ng. I don't think that Ng is that much low leveled server, since it is the #1 server of Bedrock Edition. I know you might be playing, you might be busy, etc, but I think that at least someone should respond to it and take action. I once reported bunch of times of one fly hacker, and NO one responded. Please solve this curiosity, only banning wrong people, and not responding to reports.

3. Disconnecting. I got disconnected from the server bunch of times. First of all, I cannot get in to the server unless I start Minecraft again. If you can, then provide us a reason about why I get disconnected. You might include something like lag, or many players, at least something. If I use a specific command, then does this happen? Please solve this problem.

4. Games. There are many games on the server, but the amount of players are not balanced. On games like bedwars, there are always about 600 people playing, but games like arcade, is literally dead. I never played arcade before, since there were so little people on there. Also, why is Murder Mystery unable? I am a big fan of murder mystery, so please enable it as soon as possible, because now, I think among us is more fun than that.

5. Other. The first one is lobby. The lobby is very good, and I like the normal lobby, then the Halloween lobby, but I would expect a fascinating lobby in the Christmas season. However, the lobby includes many grasses, and these really make me lag on the lobby. I do not prefer low fps mode, but really you should reduce the amount of grasses in the lobby. The second one is npcs. Make custom npcs on keys, and the higher and rarest npc comes out on each shopkeeper of your team. Make npcs looking at the closest opponent player to you, just like gamerboy 80 using them. The third one is payment. The Ng store includes many ranks, and these ranks are very overpowered. They got advanced greeting messages, fly, guild creating, changing teams, getting free levels by money, etc. And as a player who does not pay money on the game, this seems unfair. It can be unfair for people who payed for ranks, but really giving credits and levels to players who purchase ranks are not good, then people who don't pay will be just the same, but people who do will be way more beneficial. Please open some privileges of them to normal players. The last one is bad words. People change their words little bit with numbers, or just the first letter of the swear words. I would like the server to increase the amount of bad words which are banned, and these people insult us, and please warn them or kick if they do so.

I am extremely sorry, if this really hurts your minds and feelings, although you all tried your best. Anyways, I am eager to meet new updates, and please consider these ideas.



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Topic 1: We have been forced to remove hypixel maps for legal reasons
Topic 2: We are constantly working on the anticheat. Furthermore, if you find hackers, ensure you report them.
Topic 3: If you are getting disconnected upon joining, it may be an issue either with your skin or you may be banned. Otherwise, it may just be lag.
Topic 4: We can't control who plays what. As for mm, we'll get that back as soon as possible
Topic 5: None of our ranks offer any competitive advantages, with the exception of factions mode. We need to offer some perks for our ranks to ensure we can keep the server running. As for the lobby, we'll consider your feedback when we begin developing a new lobby.