Quality of Life Features We NEED

Quality of Life Features We NEED

I'm going to list my ideas that are quite small yet will be very handy.

1. Duels / Skywars Autovote - In minigame preferences, you choose a mode for it to automatically vote when you join.

2. TNT Particles in Bedwars - Red particles above head to show that player has TNT.

3. Restrict Party Invites - Modes: On, Friends Only, Guild Only, Off

4. Statuses - In Social Menu > Settings. Modes: Online, Grinding, Do Not Disturb (turns off all invites, friend requests and /msg), Offline

5. Double Guild XP Weekend - Every 2 weekends

6. 100 Guild Slots - When guild is level 500

7. /region command - Rather than rejoining for server tab.

8. Double Credits - Guardian teir only (because Guardian had biggest gap between teirs)

9. Auto Queueing - Toggalable. Happens when you die in a match/game ends.

10. /Stats shows what exact lobby number

11. /Stats 'Go to Server'

12. Bedwars Generator Speeds (Depends on map)

Thanks for reading. Possibly more ideas in future :)


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1- yes, this would prevent nons choosing bow and beating me because luck
2- I disagree, that would make it too easy to predict tnt
3- Good for not getting random invs from nons
4- Hmm, sounds decent but what does grinding do?
5- This would be very useful but maybe once every month instead of every other weekend
6- Yes, but also add more slots gradually as you go up the levels. For example add 10 more slots at lv 100 etc.
7- explain, idk what this means
8- How dare you steal my idea I agree, but maybe not double as voting with guardian can very quickly get loads of credits.
9- I like this, good for grinding.
10- Useful for stalking people lol
11- Do you mean a “Go To server” button underneath a players stats?
12- Yes. Just yes.
Very well thought out

Btw for everyone wondering what I mean for 7, /region would bring up a menu that says:

Transfer to EU Region (eu.nethergames.org)
Transfer to AP Region (ap.nethergames.org)
Transfer to US Region (us.nethergames.org)
Transfer to Nearest Region (play.nethergames.org)
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