Public Skyblock Release

Hello NetherGames!

First off, huge thank you to all of our VIP players & YouTubers who took the opportunity to help test out our new Skyblock game mode while it was still in beta. We hope you enjoyed helping us in addition to familiarising yourself with the game before the general public!

We're happy to announce that the full public release of the Skyblock game will occur at 9PM AEST tonight (Wednesday 5th August). This time all players will be allowed to join and play the game.

In an effort to ensure that everyone is starting off on a level playing field, all islands and progress will be reset. This is due to the fact that there have been game-breaking exploits discovered and patched during the VIP beta testing period and because we feel that it would not be fair for VIP players to get a head start on their islands on top of their Skyblock game perks (i.e. kits). We apologize if we did not make this abundantly clear in our initial announcement.

We encourage all players to keep reporting issues no matter how big or small to #bugs via Discord or to our live chat support at so we can get them fixed as soon as possible.

Good luck and have fun!!!


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WTF is with the broken permissions system

Why do you have to add a friend to set permissions why cant we set perms for everyone

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