Plot Contest - September

Hello NetherGames players,

Last month’s plot contest submissions for the theme "Garden" have been reviewed - Congratulations to XmyG123! If you have time, I encourage you to check out her plot at -1;-4, Platinum Plots. Thank you to all that entered! After a poll on our Discord Server, we have decided that this month's theme will be Village! As long as your build fits the theme, it is eligible for this contest and will be considered. You may use one Creative, Mega, or Platinum plot to build a village, there are many ways you can explore this theme! Some ideas include a futuristic village, a nature-themed village, a underground village, etc. This means options for you are pretty much limitless, the more creative the idea the better. There are many kinds of villages, so you can decide which type to build. You may add helpers to your plot, but please note that the owner under /p info is the only one who can get the reward. If you would like this reward to go to a helper or a friend, please give the plot to them using /p give before submitting your plot. If you would like to archive your plot after the winner has been announced, feel free to contact @Keith to do so. This month’s reward for winning the contest is an Ultra rank or a free rank upgrade!

Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning:
  • Dedicate your whole plot to this contest.
  • Be cautious on who you add as a helper, if anyone.
  • Take your time – you have a full month to finish.
  • Attempt to follow the theme, but add your own twist on it.
  • Be creative, do something unique!
All entries are due by October 1st, 2018 to Comment below or message a staff member if you have any questions, we wish you the best of luck!


I submitted an application and i was wondering if i sent it to the right person? And please don't take this as "Begging to accept the application"
Your application was previously reviewed- please check the conversation I started with you for more information.



It won’t let me enter when I try to go on the website please help


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