Player heads!


I don't entirely know if this is possible in pe, but I think it is.

A command to change a head to fit the skin of a specific player! Like /head Defolota. There's various small mods that can do this without eating bandwidth.

-An economy often develops in creative, because you need to know the name of a player to make their head. Thus, it becomes a limited currency.
-Skin comps and stores actually have an item to sell.
-A decoration block! Due to the massive number of player skins, heads are the most versatile decoration there is. Fish tanks! Book stacks! Plushies! Security cameras! Rubiks Cubes! Minicakes! There's a skin for most things.
-An addition to available outfits! You can't dye or enchant leather armor, but at least you can change your head helmet.

Thanks for your consideration in advance! ^^


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This feature is only possible in the 1.2 update.