Nethergames please fix your lag issues


hello fellow nethergames players i would like to report that nethergames has been having a lot of lag and i mean a lot of lag

1- when im bridging on solo bedwars and i place block in front of me i go ahead and do the same but the block behind me glitches and i fall into the void (it was a easy win fr me btw) fix that

2- in the lobby where i spawn at that place i fall i just fall!!! and i do it again and again and again

3-block lag on bedwars is a pain when i try to break a block IT DOESNT BREAK!!!! and the opponent kills me so much fr an easy win)

4-teleporting lag, players teleport a lot in ng and i play with my friend duels but he teleports and his and my internet and ping is good

Ng please fix your lag

thank you

yours sincerly




i would like a member of ng staff to see this cus i want to ask when it will get fixed


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Ping is 61 as my
Blocks shouldn't disappear at 61 ping. You should probably talk to staff on Discord and they can help. Maybe you need to join through a different proxy? I was having the same issue a month ago even though I get 5-10 ping and 1200MBPS. The staff said they were working on it at that time but you should probably check with them