My issues with NetherGames and some ideas for server improvement


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the thing this server really needs is to buff the kb stick so it instantly throws you 100 blocks out, trust me 10/10 idea.



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First, a very important bug that I've noticed is how normal kills in Bedwars do not count towards your kill count displayed in /stats. Only final kills count for some reason. This heavily understates how players perform in their matches and how good they actually are.
Honestly should've been done a long time ago. This really will open up a bigger wall for the bedwars community, specifically guild recruitment.
Second, hacking. I know that in Tobias's recent posts, he had mentioned how hard it is to develop anti-cheat systems, so why not take a leaf out of Hypixel's book and implement the Atlas feature? For those of you who don't know, Hypixel Atlas is basically a replay of a match where there might be a suspect who is hacking. After watching the performance of the suspect, the player watching the game can decide if this player is hacking or there is not enough evidence. Since NG had already developed the replay feature, they can use that to make the players judge whether or not a player is cheating. Heck, NG can make a role called "Watchers" or "Judge" who goes on the Atlas to look through the hacker replays.
This should definitely be introduced in the future, without a doubt. This feature would also be very similar to CS:GO's Overwatch system, which has been very efficient throughout it's community. This can also help find more probable staff candidates. The atlas/overwatch system only has one issue, though; the people given the Watcher role.
I think the way to distribute it throughout the community is either applications, or giving it to very trusted people. Applications might have requirements, like lvl 60+, over 100 matches played in each game mode. etc.

Other than that, good ideas!