My credits were reset


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I used to have over 3000 credits I have no rank and my level is 79.
I would like to no if this was on purpose , I say this because I'm quite sure I had all my credits when I fist logged on today I went in a duels game and some bw games and then noticed that I only had 13 credits

If the reset did happen to everyone than don't call me dumb.

I did go on the the credit reset forum and for people who complained about the elite players having no motivation every time I win or get a final kill I get motivated.

Motivation is a mental thing not a bunch of numbers on a screen.


Credits reset every six months (although sometimes it takes longer), so this is normal. It is true that once a player reaches elite, they may lose motivation, (I even stopped grinding at eagle), but I think the main reason is to make credits different than levels. If credits never reset, they would just be another way of showing how long a player has been playing, just like levels, and practically everyone would have gold at least. But since they reset, credits represent a player’s skill as well as their dedication to the server.