Mute Appeal Guidelines

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Jul 1, 2017
Welcome, before you appeal your mute please read this page.

Mute appeals are to be submitted if you believe you have been unfairly muted by a staff member. Please note that not all appeals are accepted, and incomplete appeals with incorrect or missing information will be denied.
We do not accept appeals for temporary punishments. If you believe you have been given an unfair temporary mute, please open a mute dispute.
Once you have submitted an appeal please allow 96 hours for a staff member to reply.

Appeal Requirements

- Your username/in-game name used on NetherGames
- Evidence and reasoning for why your mute should be removed
- A screenshot of your mute screen

Screenshot of Mute Screen

You must take a screenshot on your device of the mute screen that shows why you were muted. Here's how you do it on iOS, and here's a tutorial for Android devices.
To upload the screenshot, simply press the "Upload a File" button beside the "Create Thread" button. If your file is too big or you encounter an error, you may upload it to another file hosting site like and paste the link in your appeal.


As part of the update, ban and mute appeals will only be accepted if it is a permanent punishment and if you can prove that it was an error of judgement by one of our staff members. Appeals may also be accepted if we are unable to find sufficient evidence to justify why you were punished.

Appeal Tips

- Don't beg. Begging will only decrease your chances of your appeal being accepted
- Give accurate and all the information required. If you don't give all the information we ask for at the time you submit the appeal it will take longer for your appeal to be processed.
- Don't ask when your appeal will be marked. This shows us you are desperate and probably will re-offend in the future, causing your appeal to be denied.
- Avoid frequently appealing. Spamming appeals with insufficient or no details will not help and may even result in you being permanently banned from appealing your punishments in the future.


Due to upgrades to the XenForo forum software, the way to appeal all punishments has changed.
When you click the logo below to start your appeal, you will no longer be greeted with the old template - instead you must enter all the details required into the input boxes below the thread content/message input box.
Fields required will be marked with the required tag - if you do not fill them in, you will not be able to submit your appeal.
The thread content/message input box may now be used to add extra information to your appeal of your choice - this is optional however.

WARNING: Do not continue to submit an appeal without reaching the requirements.

Click on the NetherGames logo to submit an appeal.

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