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Imagine if they added economy to NG Minigames... Like people can get coins if they win a game and there will be a shop that will be used to buy some Perks and Kits like for example 10,000 coins - Decrease Pearl Damage by 60%
7,000 coins - Reduce Fall Damage by 10% and more stuff like that

And players can buy kits instead of playing and playing for new players to achieve the Bronze tier to get access to select a only few amount of kits through days of work. This doesn't apply for Factions, Skyblock and Creative. This will revive some of the dead games and they should pay more attention and give more updates to Murder Mystery. It should have Double UP mode and Basic Map features like Kali in Ancient Tomb. Working Roller coasters in Themepark. And a working transportation system in Transport and more!



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The economy part is fine. The bottom part you literally copied from my thread


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