Massive SkyWars Update


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Jul 1, 2017
Hello NetherGames players,

We're happy to be announcing a new SkyWars update!

Play with a friend with out new Doubles mode (teams of 2)
Will you and your friend become #1 on the leaderboard?

- NEW: Doubles mode (only on SkyWars)
- NEW: Maps imported
- NEW: Waiting lobbies
- NEW: Cages in Solo and Doubles matches
- Improved server performance
- Blocks in maps fixed
- Separate sign boards for Solo and Doubles matches

Please note: Teaming in Solo matches and cross-teaming in Doubles matches will result in you being punished.

Our Executive Team, Developers and staff team work hard every day to bring you an enjoyable server to play on.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues. If you encounter a bug please report it to #bugs on our Discord server -

And here comes me, making this more interesting/adding in jokes...

-Doubles Mode, where you can team up with a friend or a random stranger to win. Maybe make new friends?
-New maps, just in case you were bored of dying over and over again in Shire.
-Waiting Lobbies, where you can jump and move around while waiting for the game to start, or just stand there in boredom if you're the only person in there.
-Cages to throw yourself in before the game. (insert something about old players saying "they re-added cages" here)
-The server should run smoother, better, and faster, like Shire map on any mode what-so-ever.
-Blocks are fixed in every map. They shouldn't dissapear like those in the Yokuman Stage now. (insert person in the comments blurting out the reference)
-Separate sign Boards for Solo and Duo matches, to reduce the cramped space. Actually, we could harness the extra space to separate the players surrounding the signs instead. Hang on a minute...

Teaming in Solo is still bannable, and Cross-Teaming in Doubles has the same punishment.

Something something, report bugs to the link above, something something, format copied off the Discord Change Logs style, something something, stop reading this and play.

Oct 27, 2018
Can I Be Staff I Really Want To Help Out Cause There Is Alot Of Hackers Lately And I Promise You I Won't Mess Up I Won't Bann For No Reason I Will Not Mute Anybody For No Reason I Promise You Dat