Making Scorboards prettier) This offer is for BETA server.


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Making Scorboards prettier) This offer is for BETA server.

Agree, you play, for example, in the same solo wars, where there are many teams, also from a small phone. The scoreboard will be large, so the numbers will annoy you too. (Red, I will attach the screen below). I noticed that on the beta server you are using the resource bundle. So with this resource pack you can remove that very scoreboard! It's very easy! Ask XenialDan, he knows) And if he doesn’t know, then I’ll help)). Also, I apologize for my English.

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I think you can decrease the GUI size to help when you’re in bedwars so it doesn’t show the scoreboard that large. For the red numbers part, there are sidebar mods that can get rid of the numbers. Although, im not sure if it’s only for java edition and not mcpe.


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So what you are suggesting is that we are removing the numbers in the scoreboard, correct?



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What do the score boards do? I don’t even know what they are?

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