Inconsistent ping


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So, whenever I am on nethergames, my ping is good for a bit (as low as 100ms), for about 30 minutes and then it’s like 200ms for an hour. Now I don’t know if you know this but when you play with usually around 100-120ms, 200ms is so much worse. Half of your hits don’t register, everything takes twice as long (respawning, counting down to a game etc) and sometimes your sprint resets mid-parkour jump so you fail the jump. I don’t know if its just me that this is happening to or if it’s anyone else.



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Me too. Onetime 68 ping. Other time 500 ping. Too bad with 68 ping still can't brige properly

a 1ron Golem

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my problem is only ping to solo BW. Everything else is fine. respawn takes like 12 sec, countdown 30 secs takes over a minute, and people lag around and hits can't land


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