Ideas for the Nethergames Pain Video?


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What stuff annoys you guys about nethergames that I could put in the video? This post is to help me brainstorm. FYI this video is NOT going to be Nethergames hate video, its just for jokes so dont get mad at me tobias lol.
HERE are the ides that i have so far:

Nethergames restarting in 30 seconds pop up

The thing where ur in a game and u get transfered to lobby for no reason

Failing the last jump on parkour

Bridging Lag

Slow Gen

Getting in a game with Chr7st

The thing were blocks dont break when u dig em

Areas in tb where you cant place blox

Falling through Pizza holes in Fastfood map

Uhhhh hackers lol

When "/ping" says ur not online

When someone hackusates you (maybe)

When your bed gets destroyed as u fall in void

When games are offline

When ur trying to jitter bridge but the blox just dont place

Invalid IP thingy

Thats all I can think of for now. Certain parts of maps that always annoy you or makes you die would be useful. Especially skywars maps cuz i NEVER play skywars and if you guys do, an annoying part on a certain skywars map would be pog. Additionally, certain things in skyblock, maybe glitches, cuz i dont play skyblock rn so i wouldn't know about some. But any help would be appreciated. I want this video to be awesome so THANKS. Again Tobias dont get mad ur server is awesome XD. ALSO one more thing. My inspiration for this video is "All your Hive Pain in one video..." by UnstablePotato. He really did a nice job and im using that same song cuz it really is perfect.
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