I am considering leaving NetherGames for good(and also bad mouthing it).

So yeah, I am consider leaving NetherGames and bad mouthing the server, here are a list of things that NetherGames needs to fix so "everyone" can be happy.

*Add back the Asian Proxy Servers, trust me it will be worth it
*Try to make the minigames more special(bedwars and ect.)
*for the love of god PLS REMOVE ARCADE... and Creative

Anyways that's all for now... Thank You :)
bro wdym by that "and bad-mouthing it that's so non-sensical


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I meant Bridger anywau I'm the best at typical and I joined bedrock becuz mobile is runner when pc using around so if pc players don't bother mobile player s win win
Pc is way to open anyway I'm a god richer on java lol