How to get good at Skywars in 5 simple and easy steps

Panda el Britannia

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Mar 19, 2020
The Damocles
Hi, as you can see by the title I’m here to teach you how to go from being a novice player, to a pro in no time.

1. Don’t open all of the chests in your island. You’re probably thinking “This guy is insane, of course I wanna open all of my chests!” However, that’s a rookie mistake. Going though all 3 chests in your island leaves so much room for players to rush you, and you also get an extremely slow start to the game. Instead, only open your first chest and collect blocks or an upgraded weapon if applicable.

2. RUSH YOUR NEIGHBORS. I cannot stress this point enough, as rushing your neighbors will give you easy, and early kills. On maps like shire or Martian, you can literally jump to your neighbors islands (you may have to block clutch on Martian) and easily pick off your opponents. This is a good strategy because you can get xp from kills and it helps with your KDR (kill death ratio).

3. Go for middle island as soon as possible. I know that I said rush your neighbors in the beginning, but usually if you’re fast enough you can kill them while they’re looking in their chest and quickly head over to middle. Once you’ve gotten to middle, in order to avoid getting backstabbed break 2 chests and get to a vantage point where you can safely apply your new armor and weaponry. That way, you can quickly head over to the remaining player’s islands and easily crush them.

Hope that this tutorial helped, and if you need clarification or want to talk or play skywars, my discord is Pandaa#112. My gamer tag is “PandaSheol” also. Reply to this thread if you guys have anything to add!!!

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