How NetherGames could become a haven for MCPE players.

we can't really moderate that stuff unluckily because for example cheaters have an easy way to disguise it
then make it where it detects what input device u use every second. if ur in touch queueing and u use something else than touch, u get kicked.
(i know that is very hard to make in PHP but it would be good to try)


Also, you picture it as if it would be a general mobile problem. Might I remind everyone that @CarlottaCGG was first on the leaderboards for quite some time while playing on an iPad?

We are already having 2k players, we hit 2.3k just yesterday
Yes, I still would. Before I was banned for the nethergames discord, a poll was shown that had nearly as many votes. It was a pole for which platform people play on. PC and mobile were around the same, cut out the 50-100 people who think controller on mobile is mobile and, wow, thats alot of mobile players. I would say around 3% of the active mobile player community is good. The 97%, is bad. If the server had certain things, such as auto sprint, that makes it more easier for mobile players to sprint, then people might come to the server and play on it. I want to fight good mobile players, and thats not accessible on nethergames easily.


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