Hey! It’s me, and I’m back!


Active Member
Hello NetherGames community, how are y’all?

4 months and 5 days ago I decided to temporarily quit the NetherGames Network.
I decided that this break has lasted long enough.

This year will be THE year

The year when all the projects I left behind get completed.
The developer team has done very well, I would say that they’ve done more updates in the last 3 months than the entire Year!
Only one thing that makes me sad

Why is creative offline???

I will be playing 2-5 hours daily
Here are some of my goals for this year

- Level 200
- Rebuild the Great Creative Community
And more!

I hope all my old friends come back as well, I don’t know if they still play.

Well see you all later!


Welcome back to the NetherGames Community old friend. Hope you enjoy the new generation of players. Old generations left for new ones to take the spotlight, but there are some of us who still have goals we want on the network.

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