Hacking needs to stop


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Im so tired of hackers on nethergames, i love the bedwars gameplay on ng but its ruined with hackers. ive played on ng for ab 6-9 months now and nothing has changed.


Well I know for a fact that the NetherGames Staff team are trying their best on their anti cheat. I also can see improvements in the amount of hackers in games compared to before, so their anti cheat is indeed working.


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We are doing the best that we can but we can't randomly find hackers without your help, there are ways to report any rule breakers you find:
/report in-game sends an alert to moderation staff whenever a players uses it so we can find the rule breakers
• Reporting at https://ngmc.co/r (forums report) is a way for you to report any rule breakers with any evidence you have of them breaking the rules.
• Joining the discord server (https://ngmc.co/d) and following the report guide found in #report is another way to report any rule breakers with evidence thag you have.
You can also apply for trainee (https://forums.nethergames.org/trainee/) to help stop these rule breakers.


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I think if a mod or staff member sticks with me while I play I bet a huge population of the hackers would be caught, I'm always running into them now and they normally team on me due to the fact I find their weaknesses.