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Jul 1, 2017
Hello everyone!

We've been pushing out many updates to the competitive and social aspect of the server recently! Today, we're excited to announce that another frequently suggested feature has been added - guilds!

Guilds may only be created by players with the Legend rank ($20 purchased from Each guild may hold up to 50 players.

There is a competitive aspect to guilds - every time you win a game in Bedwars or SkyWars, you win 30 XP for your guild, in addition to 2 XP if you get 1-2 kills in that game, 5 XP if 3-5 kills and 10 XP if over 5 kills. Guild XP is separate to your individual player XP and level.

There are currently no rewards in which Guild XP can be used for, however a leaderboard on the stats engine will be released shortly and rewards will be introduced in the very near future, so stay tuned and start grinding to get a head start!

Other updates released around the network include:
  • Multi language support! The server will now detect what language you use for your Minecraft client and many server messages will now be sent in your language. You can change your language settings manually in your Profile Settings (last slot in hotbar).
  • Factions updates:
  • You can now select online players from a dropdown menu when searching for a player's auction listings, as well as typing in a name if they're offline
  • /sell all is now restricted to players with VIP ranks (Ultra, Emerald, Legend)
  • You can no longer run /repair or /sell while combat tagged
  • King (Emerald) and Overlord (Legend) players now have the ability to auto claim heads instead of having it added to their inventory or dropped if their inventory is full. You can toggle this ability using the command /ac
  • Various fixes to duels including patches for the ender pearl and sumo bug
Please continue to report issues to the #bugs channel on our Discord server ( and leave any feedback or suggestions in #suggestions on Discord or the "Suggestions" section of these forums.

Thanks for playing on NetherGames and we hope you enjoy these new updates!