guide to items spawners books how much their worth for real


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the guide for items first item which is pretty popular gsets aka god sets is worth 6mil each sometimes 8mil many ppl say its worth 2 mil for no apparent reason next thing is iron golem spawners is worth 1.2mil in total thanks to a bunch of bozos many people actually beleive it is worth 200k but if you buy a spawner in the shop by doing /shop and upgrade it you will notice its not worth 200k next is skeleton spawners which in general is worth 700k 600k at mininum. next is e books which are enchantment books each level of enchantment books besides thor rabit is worth 200k if at 50percent or higher thor and rabit are worth 1mil each. next is gbow gbows are worth 3mil mostly because bows are super op in minecraft. next is zombie spawners worth 300k. after this is chicken spawners worth 30k. after that is rabbit worth50k. next is a spider spawner worth 600k. dont forget pig which is 400k mooshroom is worth 400k in general net worth. also i will be doing a guide worth on islands and builds later on tommrrow probably. also kits each ultra kit is worth 20k at most each emerald kit is worth 30k and legend 50k the reason why these kits are worth their price is because they have god apples in them and among other things.


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Mmm gonna put this in my sb portfolio