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How to Report a Player
- You can report a player breaking server rules using the /report command in-game.

- You can report a player breaking server rules in the #report channel on the NetherGames Discord(https://ngmc.co/d) using the format below. You need to provide evidence (video or image) which would be attached along with the report.


- You can report a player breaking server rules through the forums(https://ngmc.co/r).

How to Report a Bug
- You can report a bug in the #bugs channel on the NetherGames Discord(https://ngmc.co/d).

How to Apply for a Staff Position

You can find information regarding staff positions and how to apply at https://ngmc.co/t.


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Stuck on "locating server!"
1. Try joining the server from a different IP, they are;

- ap.nethergames.org (Asia-Pacific)
- An (Europe)
- na.nethergames.org (North America)
- play.nethergames.org (connects you to the best available region)

2. If that dosnt work try

- turning off any VPN's or proxies
- restarting your game and device
- turning on and off airplane mode
- connecting to another Wi-Fi or mobile network
- turning off any clients
- trying on a different device
- trying on a different account
- restart your Wi-Fi router
- disconnecting from any public Wi-Fi networks
- clearing your games cache
- disabling all texture packs
- changing your skin to Steve or Alex

3. if nothing works try again in an hour

4. Last resort

- uninstall and re-install the game (ensure all worlds are backed up first)

How do I get my in game rank on discord?
Head over to https://ngmc.co/a, log in with your Microsoft account (one you use for Minecraft) and click "sync discord ranks"

How do I get legend rank from boosting the discord server?
Go to https://ngmc.co/a, log in with your Minecraft/Microsoft account and click "sync nitro boost status"

It may take up to 24 hours for discord's API to update so if a window that says "2 boosts required" pops up, that may be why.

What are the requirements for YouTube rank and how can I apply?
The requirements for YouTube rank are 1,000 subscribers, a decent view-subscriber ratio and posts a decent amount of NetherGames related content.
Apply here: https://ngmc.co/yt

I got killed by a hacker in factions. Where can I get a rollback?
You can request rollbacks (if you have valid evidence) at https://ngmc.co/lc. It may take up to 5 days. Please be patient.

If you have any more questions, go to

#support on our Discord server (https://ngmc.co/d)
or Live Chat at https://ngmc.co/lc

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Getting unfair ban or mute?
You can appeal through link below:

https://ngmc.co/ub (Ban Appeal) if you get false ban in game.

https://ngmc.co/um (Mute Appeal) if you get false mute in game.

https://ngmc.co/wd (Warning Dispute) if you get warned in game and the punishment have already expired (currently this Warning Dispute already open for Discord Warning).

https://forums.nethergames.org/discordunban/ (Discord Ban Appeal) if you get banned in Discord and want to have another chance to prove yourself.

NOTE: Please remember only submit your appeal one time for one punishment, don't spam sending multiple appeal or you will be blacklisted from that system. And remember if your appeal get denied, you have to wait for your punishment expired. The second-chance appeal will be instantly denied.