Duels...Which one is best?

Which duels mode do u prefer? I’m great with the bow so I like doing bow mode, but I’m bad at melee pvp and. combos cuz I’m on P.E


OP mode because I have the ultimate strategy!

My Strategy: As soon as the game starts, eat a gapple(golden apple). Then, splash a speed potion. If the opponent eats a gapple, bow them until you remove their absorption. After that, run at the opponent with the sword. Just before your in range, take out your flint and steel and SPAM it. When the opponent is on fire, go in with your sword because sword and fire damage at the same time is OP and when the opponent is on fire, they can't see half the screen, and when on fire, your FPS decreases. If your are at half health or lower, run away and spam fire behind you. Then splash a regeneration potion and eat a gapple. Finally, repeat!
Problem with op is that the games last too long, and the fire is useless when you have a pvp texture pack, the fire doesn't even do damage because of your op armoire and all it does is make your opponent not take knock back (because of the fire ticks) making it impossible to combo them. Also there is a 90% chance that you will also catch fire because of all the weird knock back you can take. Also I don't think it is a good idea to pre gap because you get the absorption but you waste the regen, so you will be one down on healing.
um i hate bow gapple and normal are best because i think they simulate in game situations and duels is basicley made to simulate in game situations and practice
I don’t like grapple because you get so much healing and you do so little damage. So someone could just eat gapps the entire time and not die meaning you will have to wait for them to finish an entire stack of gapples!!

Thing is do that you only have a wood sword and they have leather armour I’m pretty sure? And don’t forget that gapping instantly gives you two absorbsion hearts which equals about three normal hearts. Combined with the revenue it is enough to counter the damage.



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I prefer no debuff or whatever its called. It had good gear, and quick healing. And I loved to sit under the arena, and to get out I can pearl, though I miss when we can go under arena, it's hard now.