Chest UI for Cosmetics

So I've been gone for some time, playing on some other servers, survival minecraft, and other games over steam, and only a few days ago I saw Chr7st and his new video talking about an update for NetherGames over the horizon.

When I heard about this, I was pretty excited about it. My 1 year anniversary of coming to NG is approaching, and there were only two 'real' updates for me, one which is the conquests release, the other is the map update a few months back. To hear that another update is coming (a pretty massive one from the looks of it), I cannot be more thrilled about the potiential changes that are coming up.

I read the thread that Tobias made a few moments ago and saw a community suggestion:

'Chest UIs in more places'

I suddenly remembered that many months back, I made a Chest UI for the cosmetics menu on NG. I forgot about it until I saw this post, so I might as well share this now.

1. Main page: All the cosemtics in one page so you can quickly access and see which cosmetics you have currently equipped.
2. Capes menu(not updated for the halloween 2021-easter 2022 capes)

The armor stand at the top is a symbol represents the capes category

The arrow represents going back to the previous page that you were on

The book & quill represents your current progress of collection (when hovered over, will display amount of cosmetics collected for this category)


3. Armor(s) menu

4. Particles menu

5. Bed Break EFX

6. Kill SFX

...and many others. I will not show all of them in this thread.
If I do say so myself, I think having these Chest UIs would be a lot more convenient for me and probably most of us on NetherGames.

An awkward thing that happened with this project: many months back I have asked Tobias personally about this, I had a presentation ready but for some reason, I got blocked... I'm sure it's not intentional lmao


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I like the concept, although it looks slightly messy. I can definitely say, we'll be using chest UIs a lot more in the near future though!

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i agree 100% while bedrock uis look nice they are hard to navigate and I think this is a really cool and well Thought out idea