Better Together Update (1.2)

Hello NetherGames players,

This thread will explain everything we plan to do during the Better Together Update.

◾️Xbox Live Accounts
Xbox Live accounts do change a lot, however our developers have been working hard on a solution. If your original username is now taken on Xbox Live you can now use /switch and enter your old username and password to have all your minigame stats, ranks and plots moved to your new Xbox Live account.

◾️Less Players
Since some players cannot play servers due to the new sign in to play feature, this means we will have less players and this has affected every other server. We are hoping this won’t affect us too much and we are just going to wait for now until further decisions.

◾️New Features
The good side of this update is new GUIs, new pets and heaps of new blocks! The new GUIs have been very exciting and bring so many new opportunities to our servers. For those players who have access to pets can explore a new wide range of pets including a mini you, known as a companion. Most of our Creative server players should be also very excited about these new blocks to add to their builds.

We would like to thank everyone with their patience with this update and we hope to see you on the network.